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Be Impactful by Impact Fashion

Jun 14, 2021

I talk with Kate Harvie, an author and accident survivor, about the Traumatic Brain Injury that changed her life. She shares What it was like to be told she couldn’t go home, the spiral of telling yourself stories in your own head and why being so grateful to be alive didn’t necessarily work in her favor.


Jun 7, 2021

I talk with Shterny Steinmetz, a CMO, mom, and community organizer about her time as a single parent. She shares the support she wished she got in the early stages of single motherhood, why she believes people are hesitant to support children of divorce, and how a Chanukah party led to My Extended Family, an...

May 31, 2021

Liba Yoffe is a Mom of 4 rambunctious kiddos, and the founder of Spirit Fit Life. After working as a fitness professional for over 11 years in many different capacities, she has become increasingly aware of how the fitness industry can damage the minds and hearts of strong beautiful women. She is determined to...

May 24, 2021

Gittie Deutsch is a fabulous mom to me and my 3 siblings and I know that's her favorite bio.

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May 10, 2021

Mrs. Yael Braun is an advocate, the first toeiness in the United States, and the founder of Superior Family Liaison Services. In addition to fiercely representing her clients in Bais Din, Mrs. Braun flawlessly bridges the gap between Rabonim, askonim, mediators, arbitrators, attorneys, and her clients. Her knowledge,...